Moving to a new country 
  is a once in a lifetime  
  adventure. Allow 
  a professional to guide 
   you so you can fully  
  enjoy your new start.   

New American Development Agency (NADA) is a Non profit organization working to bridge cultures and help New Americans overcome language barriers and become integrated in Moorhead/ Fargo area economically and socially. Many new Americans have found employment through NADA  since the organizations founding.


The New American Development Agency in Moorhead, Minnesota (NADA) has been serving New Americans  with resettlement services and integration. We provide services aimed at promoting and facilitating self-sufficiency and full participation in society.


Our primary purpose is to enable individuals and families through special transitional services, leading to their successful integration into the socio-economic and civic life of America while continuing to maintain pride in their cultural heritage.


Through cooperation and collaboration with our partners , we help connect individuals to resources and assistance on: education housing,  jobs, training, health services,  domestic services, immigration assistance and more.

NADA is supported by two full-time and three  part-time employees. Help can be provided in English, Arabic, Somali and Kiswahili, . NADA  provides to their clients the the following services:

  • Help with housing

  • After school programs for youth

  • Youth crime prevention 

  • Education development

  • Employment search

  • Community advocacy

Open Hand Welcome

Open hand welcoming is an activity (program) to meet the immediate needs of Moorhead/ Fargo area  New American  arrivals that the local existing service system does not have sufficient capacity to meet.


This Program's  activities include:

  • Individualized support, mediation and counseling.

  • Group activities for adults and academic support for youth, classes or workshops.

  • Bridge to an informal mentors who can provide support to family like home tutoring and adult literacy.

  • Facilitate orientation to new settings such as schools and support parents and youth in maintaining a cultural and ethnic identity, and strengthen the connection between the youth and the parents.


This is an ESL program for the New Americans who have language barriers or need some intensive classes.

This  program provides non-native English speakers with foundational workplace English skills necessary to gain and retain employment.


Workplace ESL classes are made up of clients with various levels of language ability and are enriched by participants of a wide range of cultural backgrounds and  experiences

Economic Development

The programs within NADA's Economic Development Department assist New Americans  to start new businesses in this country, to expand existing businesses, to build assets and personal wealth, and to add in a general sense to the economic development of our participants and of our region. The programs in this department support businesses and assist aspiring entrepreneurs to contribute to the overall economic health of our city by providing training, coaching, technical assistance and targeted referrals to local business resources in order to strengthen economically challenged businesses


NADA  Senior Services programs result in success for New Americans and mainstream elders by providing direct services, as well as connecting elders and their families to the community services they need. Our team of volunteers and staff speak the languages and often come from the cultures of our elders.


NADA  provides intensive employment and support services for New Americans  including job training and  job development and placement, job coaching and retention services. Youth Employment at NADA  includes job placement services and academic support services geared towards identifying and preparing participants for college and beyond. NADA's ongoing support of New Americans  employment and pre-employment services, coupled with its growing youth employment services ensure the self-sufficiency and financial health of Moorhead/Fargo's new arrivals.

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