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Our founder and executive director,
Kamaludiin Mustafa Mohamed

 My name is Kamaludiin Mustafa Mohamed, I was born and raised in Mogadishu- Somalia. As a child, I lived there with my family.

 I was fortunate to attend a well-regarded institution of learning, Jamal AbduNaser School, from Kindergarten through Middle School. After that, I attended Moalin Jama High Secondary School.


 These schools had a strong educational and ethical philosophy, values that have remained with me all my life. I also had the continued support of my beloved family, especially my father and mother- who were well educated individuals that allowed me and encouraged me to embrace and follow my dreams.

 I received my BA of English in 1990, from the Somali National University, in Somalia. In 1995, I furthered my education and received an Associate Degree of Accounting from the University of Science and Technology in Sana'a, Yemen. I also received a BSC of Accounting in 2006, from the University of Tripoli, Libya. 

 I am fluent in four languages: Somali, English, Arabic, and Italian- but can also communicate in some dialects spoken in my home country.

 I worked as a professor teaching English and Law terminology in the Faculty of Law and Sharia (Islamic Jurisprudence) of the University of AlMargheb in Tahouna ,Libya. Along with that, I taught an accounting course at the Vocational Higher Institute in the same city. I also taught Arabic for Non-Arab Students at the African Community Center in Tripoli, Libya. In addition to working as an educator, I served as Director of the Somali Community in Libya for two years.

  I developed a keen sense of devotion for the non-profit sector, because of my work for an informal youth development program 4 years ago. This experience gave me a deep appreciation for how non-profits seek to improve the quality of life for their community. I have since strived to do the same.

 Currently, I am a Court Interpreter serving in North Dakota and Minnesota. I am also the Founder and Executive Director of the New American Development Agency (N.A.D.A.), with offices in Moorhead, Minnesota.

 We are a non-profit organization working to bridge cultures and help New Americans, so they can overcome language barriers and other obstacles they face to become successfully integrated, both economically and socially, in their communities in Clay and Cass County.

 NADA is supported by two full-time and three part-time employees, along with five volunteers. Help is available in English, Somali, Arabic and Swahili.

  At NADA, we provide our clients with the following services:

  1. Help with housing

  2. Employment search

  3. After School programs

  4. Educational Development

  5. Youth Crime Prevention

  6. Community Advocacy


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