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NADA strives to promote high quality education by engaging the stakeholders in education to work collaboratively to create opportunities, preparing all of our students to be capable citizens . Our goal is to support high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate education, programs and services. We work with parents, students, and teachers in pursuing high quality education and striving for better educational opportunities for children’s success in school and in life. Schools are key component for integration for our children’s future success from pre-school through post-secondary education.

High-Quality Early Education

Research shows that high-quality, early childhood education programs can particularly benefit low-income children and those most at risk of school failure by supporting their healthy cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. NADA advocates for and connects parents to early childhood education programs to address school readiness and language acquisition, and to ease integration and understanding education system.

Early childhood education programs enable children of New Americans to enter elementary school with more advanced English skills, making them more prepared to learn and to succeed. NADA assist parents understand special education, early intervention and programs that connect their families to additional support services.

Parental Involvement

NADA is committed to encouraging and increasing parental involvement in children’s schooling in order to build academic success, close the achievement gap, and improve education outcome. NADA facilitates communication and establishes a comprehensive, community-based approach because a child’s education is a responsibility shared by school, family, teachers, administrators and community stakeholders.

We inform parents about school values and expectations, and ensure all parents understand the requirements for their children to enter college . NADA bridge’s the cultural and linguistic challenges and empowers parents by building their capacity and knowledge base around leadership and advocacy skills; partnership with schools; and building relationships between schools, parents, families and communities.

After-School Programs

NADA provides after school academic and recreational activities for students and to ensure continuity of instruction and support. We provide homework help and tutoring programs for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Our after-school programs provides opportunities for enrichment for at-risk students and requires collaboration with school communities, educators, parents and students.


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